2014 SSC Tuatara Series Version – Price – Specs

Update: SSC Tuatara, one thousand three hundred fifty hp Supercar, One Step Closer to Production

Americans from SSC announced they had finished all engine tests needed for a series version of the SSC Tuatara, a V8 twin-turbo 6.9 liter unit which will equip the fresh Tuatara, completing the 1,350 hp supercar that promises to dethrone the Bugatti Veyron. With the latest model on the shelf, the American manufacturer is hoping to achieve the title of Fastest Production Car in the World, at a reasonable price of 1,Trio million dollars!

For this to be possible, the American supercar has to exceed a top speed of 430.98 km/h recorded by the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport a while ago. Shelby Supercars has already sold ten units of Tuatara, of course to clients located in Dubai.

SSC Tuatara Specs

Tuatara’s 6.9-liter engine develops 1,350 hp and 1,733 Nm using fuel with an octane number of 91, not fairly “remarkably obedient” right?. SSC officials announced that the same engine may even develop 1,700 hp using racing gasoline, but did not specify whether they tested a prototype to see if this is true. In the cabin everything’s digital: we have a dashboard that uses a Pico projector and the center console features a large screen with the begin button of the engine right next to it.

SSC Tuatara Photos

SSC engineers say they have tested the engine at speeds of up to four hundred forty two km/h in their lab without having any technical problems. Basically, in addition to raw power and the capability to be driven daily, this supercar is attempting to add up reliability in its “book” while the manufacturer is attempting to display the entire world that outstanding spectacle may be achieved both in terms of power or torque, and in terms of reliability.

The U.S. company promises SSC Tuatara will be a tame supercar and will wield several driving options, enabling daily use on your way to work. Moreover, the SSC North America say that the model will be able to stir slickly from street to circuit and back, eliminating the need for further adjustments or other switches. This statement would emphasize the reliability behind this supercar, in an attempt to demonstrate how special the Tuatara is compared to other models of over 1,000 hp. Many of these expensive supercars are uncommonly used by their owners for various reasons, many of which involve difficulties in daily use.

SSC Tuatara Engines

SSC Tuatara Release Date & Price

Albeit the car is presently just a concept having official launch of a series version somewhere in 2014, people from Shelby Supercars have already managed to sell more copies of this…. nonexistent car. Its most latest clients are ten people from Dubai, who have ordered the fresh Tuatara model based on photographs. In other words, the company embarked its sales with $13 million in one shot, enough to proceed development of this nice supercar. That’s right, SSC Tuatara costs 1.Three million dollars and every model will be born in their fresh plant situated in Washington DC!

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