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The HybridCars.com monthly sales Dashboard is a collaboration of HybridCars.com and Baum & Associates, a Michigan-based market research rock hard focusing on automotive issues including the hybrid and electrified vehicle market.

Factoring an adjustment for the different number of selling days each month for two thousand fifteen and 2016, overall sales for June were down modestly from a year ago, and down significantly from a month ago, May 2016.

Through the very first six months of the year, overall sales were up one percent from the comparable two thousand fifteen period. Thus, overall sales are strong but it shows up a plateau has been reached. As compared to a year-ago, June sales were up significantly for plug-in hybrids but down in the other categories. As compared to May, June sales were up for battery electrics and diesels, and down in the other categories.

Battery electrical vehicle sales were up from May on the strength of Tesla – which always has strong sales in the last month of the quarter – and the Nissan Leaf. As usual, sales of the Model S and Model X are estimated and sales of the Tesla models vary month to month as Tesla seeks to react to request. Model S is doing better in part because updates are keeping that model strong while request for the Model X is not as strong as expected some months ago. Sales for the Model X in June were the best of the year, with the Model S just behind March volumes. That said, Tesla sales are behind the automaker’s goals and they will have to increase significantly in the 2nd half to meet stated expectations. While the Model X has eventually reached significant production volumes, the Model S has sold at a higher rate on the basis of fresh versions, including a cheaper sixty kWh variant. The Leaf resumes to muddle along and the outlook is poor since the all-new model is not coming soon. At the mid-year point, category sales are down with most models down with fresh models like the Tesla Model X adding volume to the category. Sales as a share of total sales have been moderate in the past few months but June was in line with the all-time high achieved in December 2014.

Plug-in hybrids were down from last month, but ahead of year-ago levels on the strength of the Chevy Volt and Ford Fusion Energi. Year-to-date, those two models are well ahead of two thousand fifteen levels. The Volt proceeds to achieve sales of about Two,000 a month which is a decent result for the vehicle. Sales of the BMW X5 proceed at a strong rate. The Prius Prime butt-plug in hybrid will show up in coming months and should improve on the prior model since it has a higher all-electric range than the prior version. The Fusion Energi had its best month this year and sales should proceed to increase as a fresh version is now available. The Fusion Energi’s year-to-date sales is well above the C-Max Energi’s and it and the Volt are the leading gas-electric cars by a broad margin.

Hybrid sales in June were down almost ten percent from May, and almost fifteen percent from year-ago. While the Prius Liftback is down about ten percent despite its being redesigned, the Prius c and Prius v (neither of which have been updated) are both down significantly. The news is better for Ford’s hybrids, particularly the Fusion (which has just been updated). While sales of the RAV4 were down in June, the vehicle is the 2nd best-selling hybrid year-to-date. The Camry hybrid proceeds to fight, in line with the vehicle itself. While sales of the Chevy Malibu hybrid are modest, the numbers are growing as availability increases for the fresh hybrid version. Hybrids on crossovers for Toyota and Lexus are doing well, with volumes up for the Lexus NX and RX and Toyota Highlander and the aforementioned RAV4. VW has announced that the Jetta hybrid will be discontinued this fall due to poor sales.

Albeit a settlement for some of the VW diesel vehicles has been announced (the Two.0-liter versions are covered, the Three.0-liter diesels have not yet been addressed), there is no indication when VW will be able to sell fresh vehicles with diesel engine for some time. We have added the diesel version of the Ford Transit van (the diesel share is estimated) and volumes have been added back to its launch in mid-2014. With the VW products off the market, the Ford Transit and Ram Pickup are pacing the segment. If we look at the diesel segment and exclude all VW Group products, year-to-date sales are up four percent.

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