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Yesterday, 11:25 AM

Contributing Writer,

Under our latest story explaining why pickup truck inventory is about to become taut and prices a bit closer to MSRP, one active member of the community asked if GM would be suggesting any special discounts to truck owners/buyers. We hadn’t seen any press releases or news reports on the subject (and indeed there is still no press release at GM’s Media page). So we reached out to our contacts at GM. James R Cain at GM responded instantly (on a holiday) and with superb detail. Leap to the Chevy Summary page here. Read More.

Sep two 2017 03:09 PM

Contributing Writer,

According to Black Book, the automotive industry analyst experts, Hurricane Harvey just demolished over 500,000 vehicles in Texas, Louisianna, and Florida. That is about 3% of the vehicles bought fresh each year. About five hundred dealerships in the Houston area alone were flooded. Factor in the vehicles that will be bruised and demolished as part of the rescue and recovery efforts and abruptly an awful lot of America’s pickups just left the building.  

Texans love their pickups as much as any section of America. Texas is also North America’s second-largest vehicle market after only California. has done numerous stories related to to the taut midsize p.

Aug thirty 2017 05:29 PM

Contributing Writer,

Dynamic Skip Fire technology, or DSF, can be used to operate your full-sized GM truck or SUV on the highway using just two cylinders. It with It won’t be part of the two thousand nineteen GM truck lineup, but it may well emerge on the next-generation of pickups. We very first heard about it back in two thousand fifteen when Automotive News covered it.

The technology is not all-new. It has been in development for years, but it was targeted at a two thousand twenty launch in production vehicles. The clock is ticking down on th.

Aug twenty eight 2017 12:Legal PM

Contributing Writer,

GM seems to be downplaying its towing capabilities in non-full-size truck offerings. The very first, and most surprising revelation was that Chevy is only rating the fresh Colorado ZR2 at Five,000 pounds for towing, regardless of its engine. That means the Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro’s gasoline engine’s 6,400 lb towing rating tops the diesel ZR2. Toyota has for years been conservative in its tow ratings and adopted the current standards prior to GM. We doubt this is specmanship on Toyota’s part.

Aug twenty seven 2017 12:30 PM

Contributing Writer,

The two thousand eighteen GMC Canyon is a carry-over year. Most switches are cosmetic or updates. Here is the quick list of what is to come for the fresh two thousand eighteen GMC Canyon:

Fresh 4SB All Terrain model available after begin of production All Terrain model is now available with (H2U) Jet Black leather-appointed seating

Fresh Black All Terrain grille center insert and lower bumper fascia

(IOB) 7″ diagonal Color Touch Screen with IntelliLink is now standard on 2SA, 2VL and 4VL (was available on 2VL and 4VL in two thousand seventeen model year)

(GD1) Marine Blue Metallic

 (G9K) Satin Steel Metallic

(GBV) Cyber Gray Metallic

(GWX) Bronze Alloy Metallic

Aug twenty seven 2017 12:Nineteen PM

Contributing Writer,

The two thousand eighteen GMC Sierra is a carry-over year. Most switches are cosmetic or updates. Here is the quick list of what is to come for the fresh two thousand eighteen GMC Sierra:

  (IOB) GMC Infotainment System with 7″ diagonal color touch-screen is now standard on 1SA models

  (UQ3) 6-speaker sound system is now standard on 1SA Regular Cab models

  (UVC) Rear Vision Camera is now standard on all models (was available on 1SA models 17MY)

  (UJM) Tire Pressure Monitor now includes Tire Pack Alert

  (PDD) Convenience Package no longer includes (UVC) Rear Vision Camera

  (SXL) Elevation Edition no longer includes (IOB) IntelliLink Radio with 7″ diagonal colour touch-screen and (UVC) Rear Vision Camera

Color Switches: – Additions

Contributing Writer,

Do you like in-depth comparisons of trucks driven off-road? Who doesn’t?! We recently spotted and liked this movie from our friends at What we liked about this movie is that the reviewer does not pretend that the Tacoma TRD Pro doesn’t exist like Chevy does in its ridiculous “Segment of One” ZR2 marketing campaign. The TRD Pro is a solid off-roader with some industry-leading specs. No production truck has a steeper treatment angle. The Tacoma has more ground clearance than the ZR2, and in this matchup, it is about $4K less expensive than the Chevy.

What did think, and which truck was the winner? Witness and see.

Aug twenty two 2017 Ten:54 AM

Contributing Writer,

The two thousand eighteen model year is not a redesign year for the Chevy Colorado. It is indeed only injecting its third year. Switches are mainly updates and trim and color switches. Here is a succinct, effortless to read list of what switches and the order codes. GM has not done a press release on the 2018 Colorado yet. If there are other switches to highlight when GM does so we will update this list.  

(CTT) Trailering assist with guidelines (included with [5G8] Tow/Haul Mode)

 (DG6) Outside heated power-adjustable, body-color mirrors (standard on Z71 and ZR2 models)

 (HH3) Black leather-appointed seating available on Z71 models

(G9K) Satin Steel Metallic

(GD1) Kinetic Blue Metallic

Contributing Writer,

GM needs a proofreader (who doesn’t!?). Like the Colorado we just reported on, the Silverado and Sierra also have a fresh recall. This on is because a page detailing the child seat tether locations is missing from the proprietor’s manual. One thing that these fresh recalls prove is that someone must have actually read a manual! Maybe there is a government employee tasked with going over every one of them locked in a basement in Washington D.C. 

In any case, rather than send out a fresh manual, GM is required to send out the recall notice. If you want to see if your truck is included in the recall, click the GM recalllookup Read More.

Aug twenty two 2017 Ten:34 AM

Contributing Writer,

Please pardon the snarky headline, but this one stings. Hardly into the very first month of production, the two thousand seventeen Chevy Colorado ZR2 has already been recalled. For, of all things, a missing page in the proprietor’s manual.  The above is part of the letter mailed to fresh possessor Michael H., a Facebook Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 club* member. 

The recall is broader than just the ZR2, but Micheal’s was included, so we know that some ZR2s are on that list. If you own a Colorado you can check to see if your specific truck is included by clicking this direct link to GM’s recall lookup. Fortunately, this is a non-issue for most owners. Why GM didn’t just mail out a fresh proprietor’s manual instead of a recall letter will forever be a mys.

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