Virtusa Oct-2013 quant Paper, Technetronic

Virtusa Oct-2013 quant Paper

1)Four.28 and -3.28 are two numbers on a real number line. If one is added to both the numbers, then which of the following is true ?

A) Distance inbetween the two fresh numbers is two units more than the distance inbetween Four.28 and -3.28

B) Distance inbetween the two fresh numbers is two units less than the distance inbetween Four.28 and -3.28

C) Distance inbetween the two fresh numbers is equal to the distance inbetween Four.28 and -3.28

D) None of these

Two) If the sum of four times a number A and three times a number B is equal to the sum of number B and seven times the number A, the A: B?

Three) What is the value of x in the expression log ten (20-x) =Trio ?

Five)Riya sold her car for Rs. 50,000 less than what she bought it for and lost eight %. At what price should she have sold the car. If she desired to build up as much as she lost in the very first transaction ?

6) twenty dudes can do a job in ten days, working eight hours a day, If women are 33.33% more efficient than fellows, how many woman will it take to finish the same job in ten days. Working six hours a day ?

An interior decorator was asked to cover the rectangular walls of an office with identical rectangular wall-papers of exactly the same size. IF a wall is Five.Two m high and Five.0m broad, what is the largest size of the wall-paper which can be used for this purpose ?

8) Mani deposits Rs. 200000/- into his saving account. He has been promised an yearly compounded interest rate of ten % how much time it take for the amount to grow to rs 600000/-

Given that 10g two = 0.3010, log Trio= 0.477, log e = 0.4342

Equation for calculating compound interest is : A = P * e rt , where

A- Final amount after interest

P- Principal Amount

9) Matha was supposed to multiply the number of cans sold with the price of one can to ascertain the amount earned by her. Instead of taking forty one as the number of cans, she wrote fourteen by mistake. As a result, the product went down by 135. What is the other multiplier?

Ten)2185 is a numerous of :

12) If LCM and HCF of two numbers are two hundred thirty four and thirteen respectively, smaller factor of the product of two number is :

13) Sameer plants seven thousand two hundred twenty five plants, so that there are as many rows as there are trees in a row, How many trees are there in a row ?

14) If 7.Five gm of an isotope of carbon decays to 1.Two gm in eight hours. What is the half life in hourse of the isotope in hours >

Given In (0.Five) /In (0.Four) = 0.756

Where A = remaining amount, A0= original amount, r =rate of decay,t =time of decay

15) A group of six is to be made out of eight women and six boys, what is the probability that exactly three boys are selected?

16) in a poultry farm, fifty hens give two hundred egg in two days. In how may days will twenty hens give four hundred eggs

17) Select the word or phrase which best voices the meaning of the given word.

Legitimate) IF x is an odd number and y is an even number, then which of the following statements is false ?

A) x x ( y y +1) is odd

B) (x+y) +(x x +x) + y(x Y ) is odd

c ) xy + y x + one is even

D) xy + six is even

Nineteen) The difference in the plain interest and compound interest on a principal of Rs. Ten,00,000 in three years at 4% p.a is :

20) In a diamond factory each diamond necklace is formed using thirty five diamonds each costing one lakh, In how many ways can the diamond merchant arrange the thirty five diamonds to form a necklace ?

21) There was no ___________ that we were in a fix, as we had no food in the coach.

22) If anita scores sixty five out of hundred then how much does she score out of 75?

23) A 20% reduction in the unit cost of an article enables one to buy twenty five items more for Rs. 1000. What is the original unit cost of the item ?

24) Which one of the following numbers is exactly divisible by 11?

25) If a=Two and b two –ab = -1, then what is the value of log(a+b) (a three +b three )?

26) Elementary interest on an amount at 4% per annum for thirteen months is more than the ordinary interest on the same sum for eight months at 6% per annum by Rs. 40. What is the principal amount ?

27)Select the word or phrase which is almost opposite in meaning to the given word.

28)a,b and c are such that b is the elementary interest on a and c is the elementary interest on b for the same period and same rate of interest. The relation inbetween three is :

29) What will be the value of “a” in the expression < three √3* three Three >/ three -3/Two = three a +Two ?

30) There are five types of fucktoys, with two fucktoys of each type. In how many ways can a shopkeeper arrange them on a shelf?

31)What is the greatest number that will divide 1305, four thousand six hundred sixty five and six thousand nine hundred five leaving the same remainder in each case ?

32) What is the smallest square number which is divisible by Two,Four,Five,6 and 9?

33) If the sum of two numbers is twenty seven and their HCF and LCM are three and sixty respectively, then the sum of the reciprocal of the numbers is:

34) If the price of rice increases by 30% then by what percent should its consumption be decreased so that total expenditure remains same?

35) Find the area of a rectangle of length Five.1236 cm and breadth 6.1253 cm

36) There are fifteen points on a plane out which ten are collinear. How many triangles can be formed by joining these points?

37) The boss accepts only one employee leave request for a particular day. If five employees named Ronak, Mahes, SHripal, MohanPriya and Shreyansh applied for leave on the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi, What is the probability that Ronak’s leave request will be approved?

38) if n c five = n c 6, what is the value of fifteen c n

39) two cards are drawn from a pack of fifty two cards without replacement. What is the probability of getting both cards black or getting one card queen and the other king ?

E) None of the above (333/1326)

40) If we permute eight letters of the word ‘computer’ in 8! Ways, how many permuted words have ‘p’ and ‘e’ next to each other ?

41)A retail store has an off season sale going on for the customers. The sweaters are being sold at forty % discount. Customers having membership cards are given extra discount. A lady who has a member ship card comes to the store and buys a sweater of MRP Rs. 1980. After the discounts she gets the sweater for Rs. 900. What is the membership discount of the store?

42) A sells a bicycle to B at a profit of 20%. B Sells it to C at a profit of 25%. IF C Pays Rs. Two hundred twenty five for it, the cost price of the bicycle for A is

43) Mehak was in a whimsical mood & to reach her home from her office she took the following steos-4 steps towards North, three steps towards East, eight steps towards South, six steps towards West, seven steps towards North, five steps towards East, six steps towards south, four steps towards west and ultimately reached her home taking three steps towards north, the location of mehaks home with respect to her office is

A) three steps to the East

B) three steps to the West

D) two steps towards the East

E) two steps to the West

44) ‘It’ is one of the six C two combinations of flight. In order to have their six P2 permutations, the six C two combinations of ‘flight’ should be enhanced by:

45) Three successive discounts of 6%, 10%, 15% are equal to a single discount of

46) A bag contains six crimson ball-sac and some green pouch. If the probability of drawing a green ball is half that of a crimson ball then the number of green ball-sac in the bag is

47) If |x| +|y| = 7, then what is the sum of minimum and maximum values of x +y ?

48) simplify (Three/7 + twenty two Four/7 – Two/8 divided by one /Four )

49)What is the chance of throwing a sum, more than or equal to seven in a throw of two dice ?

50) What is Z in : 0.196/Z two = Ten

51) (888…. Repeat sixty three times)/9, find the remainder

52) If (Two n *Three m *8 three *90)/(15*16 two *9 four )=48, then (m,n) is :

53) A bird lay two to five rounded, white eggs, suppose the bird lays two eggs, what is the probability that very first egg hatched is a female bird and the 2nd egg hatched is a masculine bird?

54) how many toffees were distributed in total among ANkit, aniket and anuj in the ration Two:Trio:7, if aniket receives eighty four toffees in total ?

55) A senior manager leaves for an significant meeting with a client. He forgets to take along with him, a very significant file that has details related to the meeting. An executive is sent after the Senior Manger one hour after the senior manager leaves the office, the senior manager is driving 30kmph slower than the executive. Find the speed at which the executive drives, if it is given that he manages to overtake the Senior Manger in two hours

56)How many zeros are used in writing very first hundred entire numbers ?

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