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Elephant Probe Kicks Off In Kenya.

The explore, carried out in Amboseli National Park in Kenya, involved family groups of African elephants being played sound recordings of the voices of two different human ethnic groups known to them.

The Maasai, who, periodically come into conflict with elephants over access to water and grazing for their cattle, and the Kamba, whose more agricultural lifestyle poses less of a threat to elephants.

The results demonstrated that elephants were more likely to demonstrate defensive behaviour, such as bunching together and investigative smelling, in response to masculine Maasai voices than masculine Kamba voices.

Furthermore, their behaviour was also less defensive in response to voices of Maasai women and boys than to Maasai boys, indicating that they also specifically take account of the hook-up and age of the voice to pinpoint the most menacing situations.

The results suggested that the elephants use vocal cues to determine the threat posed by nearby humans, and indicated considerable cognitive plasticity and fine-grained discrimination abilities, researchers at the University of Sussex said.

“Recognising predators and judging the level of threat they pose is a crucial skill for many wild animals,”Prof.Karen McComb, lead author of the explore, said in a statement.

“Human predators present a particularly interesting challenge, as different groups of humans can represent dramatically different levels of danger to animals living around them,”McComb said.

Co-author Graeme Shannon said that acoustic cues, from which a herd can determine the ethnicity, gender and age of a potential predator, have an extra advantage in serving as an effective early warning system, especially if the predator is out of look.

“The capability to distinguish inbetween Maasai and Kamba boys delivering the same phrase in their own language suggests that elephants can discriminate inbetween different languages,” Shannon said.

“This evidently fairly sophisticated skill would have to be learned through development or through junior family members following the lead of the herd’s matriarch and other older females.”

Previous studies have shown that African elephant family groups exhibit greater fear to the odor of garments worn by Maasai dudes than Kamba studs, and also display aggression when introduced with the crimson clothes that the Maasai typically wear.

The probe was published in the U.S. journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Ten Facts About Onanism,They dont Want you To Know.


I do not expect that this article will switch anyone’s mind about anything. I do feel that someone ought to speak out about this thorny subject and present clear facts and info about it for the benefit of those who have been harassed and made to feel less than human because they masturbate.

What Is Onanism?

Onanism is the sexual stimulation of one’s own genitals, usually to the point of orgasm. The stimulation can be performed using the palms, fingers, everyday objects, or dedicated lovemaking fucktoys. I lifted that definition right off Wikipedia, as it is an accurate description and I do not feel compelled to reinvent the wheel.

Onanism Is Not A Sin

As I am a Christian (while this article is not religious in nature), I feel a need to speak out for the Bible. There is not one verse of the Bible that condemns self-stimulation. There is not one that insinuates such a condemnation. Yet, day after day, we hear preachers condemn onanism as a sin. Their arguments?

There is the argument that hookup was created for mutual pleasure: Yes; I agree. Hookup was. But getting off is not hookup. It is sexual, and many other things are sexual, but it is not sexual intercourse in itself. Lovemaking is for mutual benefits; getting off is for private benefits. Two different things. Yet, as I shall demonstrate later, onanism can be helpful in enhancing sexual intercourse. Not only is it not a sin, it is a good thing.

There is also the argument that Jesus said if you enthusiasm after the opposite hookup in your mind, you are sinning. Yes; that is correct too, but then what part of physically stimulating yourself with the mitts, fingers or any other object is lusting after someone in your mind? If a Christian lusts after someone in their heart while masturbating, then such a one has crossed the line that Jesus drew. That does not make onanism in itself a sin. That person has merely corrupted a clean act and needs to deal with his or her thoughts.

Someone asked me yesterday how I want to prove that “those activities are censored and powered by the Holy Spirit”. Let me ask a question in response: Have you ever given any thought to what happens during actual sexual intercourse? A man and a woman panting, sweating and heaving like two idiots. All those cool looking dudes in suits (yes; that includes me) don’t look so cool when banging their women and look like grotesque demons when having an orgasm. What seems Holy Ghost approved and powered about a hormone-raging man ramming a stiff rod into a woman again and again and having her groan like an animal? And as for the women, all those prim and decent women we see in public often look like demon-possessed pagan priestesses during intercourse.

Gravely, apart from the “Jesus!! Jesus!!” that some of the women sob out when in the throes of a good romp or an orgasm, there cannot be anything about hook-up that looks like the Holy Ghost gives approval to the activity. Yet, He does. Case closed. The issue of Holy Ghost approval and all that is in the mind. The Bible that Christians claim to uphold does not make an issue of these things or of getting off.

I am tired of Christians being so close-minded that they manufacture rules to help God. Very first, God doesn’t need your help. 2nd, take a look around you and ask yourself if this close-mindedness has helped your homes. Sexually dissatisfied husbands and wives everywhere, many of whom will not speak out tho’ their marriages are in shambles. And many of them stubbornly refusing to look at facts when introduced to them. Their call still.

Onanism Is Addictive

Yes; it is. But then, so are mobile phones, food, chocolate, wine, Coke, Twitter, Facebook and football. Yet, no-one is screaming “Sin. ” for all those. Oh, even sexual intercourse itself is addictive. Let’s just lay aside all those things because they are addictive; shall we? No; how to deal with anything that has the potential for being addictive is not to stay away from it, but to exercise moderation.

Getting off Is Not A Dirty habit

Some people call onanism a dirty habit. In what sense? It produces mostly the same results as sexual intercourse – the man jizzes. The woman has an orgasm and in some cases squirts. What else? Getting off is just as dirty as sexual intercourse is, as far as I can tell.

Getting off Is Healthy

In general, the medical community considers getting off to be a natural and harmless expression of sexiness for both boys and women. It does not cause any physical injury or harm to the assets, and can be performed in moderation via a person’s lifetime as a part of normal sexual behavior. Source

If you use other objects apart from your arms, be careful tho’ so you don’t hurt yourself. Perhaps you should visit a hook-up shop for some fucktoys instead.

Why You Should Masturbate

Now that I have cleared the protestations to onanism, let me tell you why you should masturbate.

One: getting off helps you get comfy with your sexiness. You get to know your figure and what triggers you. That means you can generally be a better sexual mate to your spouse. How do you expect your spouse to pleasure you sexually when you are so clueless about yourself to commence with? Do your playmate a favour and play with yourself!

In counselling couples with sexual issues over the years, especially where one fucking partner is sexually naive, I have recommended that he/she masturbates to become more convenient with their own sexiness. A woman who is cold and passive during lovemaking can be a big problem to her hubby. Getting off helps deal with that. She learns what she likes and what triggers her off. She learns what makes her orgasm. She becomes better at lovemaking with her spouse. Same thing the other way round.

Two: With many couples, one person usually has a higher sexual drive than the other. This can put pressure on the relationship. Onanism is an outlet for such individuals. Women keep complaining about their husbands masturbating, yet leave behind that they are the ones who come up with excuses of having had a tired day or having a headache when the poor man wants hookup with them. Such women are evil and insensitive. Totally selfish. This applies to the boys too. If your wifey has a higher hook-up drive than you do, onanism is a good let off of sexual pressure. In the alternative, you could let her roam….

Three: For single folks, getting off is a good way of relieving the sexual stress that can build up over time. It is safer than casual lovemaking and doesn’t cost you buying anybody lunch or dinner. Or cracking anybody’s heart just because you are horny. For example, every month whether a woman likes it or not, she gets horny (that’s every sixty seconds for a man, by the way). This is a biological function. For some, it is more intense than others. Onanism is a good way out. No; in itself, onanism will not hamper your sexual intercourse later. Don’t believe the hype.

Four: Onanism produces almost all the other benefits of hookup without actual hookup. It is a good anti-depressant, eases pressure (not just sexual stress), helps you sleep, and keeps the mind acute.

Who Masturbates?

Almost everybody masturbates, including many of those people who tell you that it is sinful, dirty, and a bad habit (yes; the hypocrisy is filthy). Most people begin masturbating from their teenagers. Recall humid wishes when you very first hit your teenagers? Usually that’s where it starts. A raw desire is a natural procedure by the bod. No; it has nothing to do with witches and wizards or spiritual husbands and wives. God knows how many spiritual wives I must have by now if I count all the times I have had a raw wish. Gratefully, I had an educated and enlightened father who explained to me that it was nothing to worry about when he witnessed my bed stains many years ago as a teenager.

Getting off is a normal part of the growing child’s exploration of his or her bod and proceeds for the rest of the lives of most people. If you masturbate, you are not an oddity. Actually, its those who claim not to masturbate that are the oddities. Don’t let anyone crush your spirit ever again about this. There is nothing wrong with you. There is nothing to be ashamed of about it. As long as you don’t let it become an addiction or a problem to normal sexual activity with your fucking partner (and usually it becomes a problem when fantasy gets involved), you are all fine and dandy.

Miley Cyrus’ Singing Vagina! See Her Provocative Pose During Bangerz Concert in Atlanta.


She’s just being Miley! While performing at the Philips Arena in Atlanta last night, Miley Cyrus was caught striking a very sexy and provocative pose mid-concert.

While performing her Bangerz hits, the 21-year-old “We Can’t Stop” singer laid on her back on the fetish mask of a car with her genitals to the audience, stuck her right gam straight in the air and held her microphone to her vagina, which was hardly covered by her marijuana-printed leotard!

Tho’ the pose is somewhat shocking, we can’t say it’s the craziest thing we’ve ever seen the wild pop starlet do.

Miley has become fairly known for her racy onstage concert moves. She’s previouslymotorboated the cleavage of her dancer pal Amazon Ashley and has also spanked her booty many times mid-show.

Miley’s also embarked a trend of sipping water and drooling flows of water onto fans in her audience.

In other Miley news, Fresh York’s Skidmore College announced it will be suggesting a sociology class this summer based on the headline-making songstress.

The course will be called “The Sociology of Miley Cyrus: Race, Class, Gender, and Media,” and will be trained by Carolyn Chernoff, a visiting assistant professor of sociology.

7 Plain Social -Media Moves That Works.


Before he embarked to dole out social-media advice for entrepreneurs like you latest GrowCo conference in Fresh Orleans, Dave Kerpen, chairman of Likeable Media and now founder of offshoot Likeable Local, had a few things he desired to get out of the way.

Very first, he said, social media is not free. 2nd, it won’t bring you instantaneous results. And, third, it can’t make up for a bad product or service.

If you can cope with all that, you’re ready to learn how-and why-Kerpen still recommends you get involved:

A duo of years ago, when Kerpen went to Vegas, the check-in line at the Aria hotel where he was staying “took forever,” he said.

So Kerpen did what he does best-took to Twitter, and quickly posted: Waiting on line for forty five minutes at the Aria. Not worth it. #fail

Did he hear anything from the Aria? No. But he did hear from the Rio, a hotel down the street. Within two minutes, the Rio Tweeted back to Kerpen: Sorry you’re having a bad practice, Dave. Hope the rest of your time in Vegas goes well.

Kerpen didn’t switch hotels on that excursion, but where do you think he stayed the next time he went to Vegas? The Rio. And he “liked” the Rio on Facebook. And sometime later, a friend going to Vegas witnessed that Kerpen had “liked” the Rio, so asked if Kerpen would recommend the hotel. His response? “I don’t think it’s the fanciest, but I know that they listen,” Kerpen recalls telling that Facebook friend.

Kerpen pointed out that all the Rio did was pay attention to Twitter, and react with empathy.

Kerpen recommends you do the same thing, regardless of the business you’re in. “If you’re an accountant, go to Twitter and search ‘need an accountant’,” he said. “Your customers are asking for you.”

Kerpen said sixty percent of brands-mostly big ones-presently do not reaction customers or prospects on Twitter, Facebook, or other social media. As a result “you have a thick competitive advantage if you react to your customers-and theirs,” he said. (Case in point: the Rio hotel in Vegas.)

If a customer complains, don’t delete. Instead, you have an chance to react publicly that you’re working to solve the problem, and will send a private message to the individual so it can be immovable.

“We all know that companies are going to make mistakes,” said Kerpen. “The problem isn’t when companies make mistakes, it’s when companies don’t say, ‘I’m sorry.'”

Instead, if you delete a complaint, you’re sending a message that the person who wrote it doesn’t matter, and you’re, in essence, “inviting him to go tell someone else, to commence a petition,” warned Kerpen.

The only types of posts you should consider deleting? Those that are obscene, or bigoted.

When you react, do it in your brand voice, whatever that is: serious, funny, total of puns, scientific, whatever. As long as it’s true to the brand.

Social media is most powerful when you use it to tell private stories, not to sell your products, Kerpen said.

Kerpen likes to tell the story of how, when he and his then fiancé couldn’t afford a lavish wedding, they raised $100,000 from sponsors and got married at Brooklyn Cyclones park. That individual story, he says, helped propel Likeable into a $7 million business.

Didn’t get married at Shea? Consider your modest beginnings, your individual leadership characteristics, customers who have overcome obstacles, employee challenges, community or charity partnerships. Look at your employees, products, or customers, and identify a story people will want to talk about, and disseminate it across social media.

If yours is a business-to-business company, tell a story on social media using webinars, e-books, and white papers.

“The only thing better than telling your story on social media is to inspire your customers to tell your story,” said Kerpen.

On this, Kerpen quoted Oprah Winfrey, who said: “I had no idea that being your authentic self could make me as rich as I’ve become. If I had I’d have done it a lot earlier.”

As Kerpen puts it: “When I am authentic, when I am vulnerable, when I am me, customers want to do business with me.”

Who does a lot of this on Twitter, according to Kerpen? Foursquare founder Dennis Crowley, who has even posted about where he lives.

Social media is not just touchy-feely, said Kerpen. It can drive leads, and sales.

On Facebook, rather than just get your ad in front of meaty a swath of people, you can target the right people-based on job title, interest, age, location. “Every single chunk of data that Facebook’s got on people you can target based on that,” Kerpen said. “What’s cooler than reaching a billion people on Facebook? Reaching the right 1,000, the right 100, the right Ten, or the right one.”

Another perk of advertising on Facebook? Word-of-mouth endorsements. You can target ads against just the friends of people who have “liked” your brand on Facebook, and when those people see your ad, they will see listed the names of their friends who like your brand, too.

If you take ten percent off, you’re marketing, fifty percent off, you’re providing away value, one hundred percent off, you have loyal customers for life, Kerpen quipped.

Give away good content, webinars, articles, and white papers. “I’ve had two people come up to me and say, ‘Thank you for all that valuable information you gave away, I’m commencing my own social media agency,’ but I also got dozens and dozens of inbound leads because of all the value we put out there,” said Kerpen.

Recently, a fresh client told Kerpen she had $250,000 to spend on social media marketing she’d budge to Likeable because of all the free, yet useful information the company has made available.

In your social media posts, regularly thank your customers, and fucking partners.

According to the non-profit organization, Kerpen said, of those people who received a thank you note, thirty eight percent were more likely to donate again.

He writes three thank you notes every day.

“It puts me in a fine mood every single time,” he said.

6 Tips for Using Social Media to Make More Sales


Whether you’re a sales manager or sales rep, chances are you’ve heard of social selling. At very first glance the fancy phrase is intuitive-selling via social media channels. But while the definition might be straightforward, understanding how to effectively use social media to generate leads and make sales is a much more crafted, considered process.

As a business’s operations and overall presence become more digital in nature, so do sales activities. More of the sales process happens online versus in person than ever before. This transition isn’t exactly substituting the art of making things happen, however. Selling is still about relationships and knowing how to influence and persuade people to act. Social media is just a fresh frontier where salespeople can foster and activate those relationships.

By now sales reps should know the very first step to social selling is to create quality profile pages, especially on LinkedIn and Twitter. Make connections to establish a strong network. Partake in the digital conversation. But these are only introductory steps at best. Below are a few tips to help you go well beyond that level.

1. Make initial connections on LinkedIn

What’s the key to sales and networking, regardless of whether or not you’re online? Making strong connections. Beef up your LinkedIn connections as much as you can on your own, but don’t be afraid to ask a colleague (or old coworker, boss, friend, even uncle!) to make an introduction on your behalf to a prospect you’re attempting to connect with online. As long as the introduction is genuine and personable-not overtly promotional-it actually works.

It’s also significant to note that LinkedIn is not only superb for making those connections, but setting up very first touch points. For example, if you’re having a difficult time reaching a prospect over the phone, simply view their LinkedIn profile. Our sales reps have superb success with this tactic, as the LinkedIn page visit alert gets the sales rep’s name on the prospect’s radar and increases the likelihood of a returned call. Of course, a brief message and/or connection request can also work well in cases where you’re looking for something stronger than a page view.

Two. Find collective interests and backgrounds

Before you begin pitching people over LinkedIn, or even communicating via Twitter, take the time to do your homework. Did you go to the same college, grow up in the same area, or know some people in common? Look for similarities that could open a relevant conversation that’s unrelated to your business. Find meaningful information on your prospect that might establish a private connection. Then begin your outreach online by citing that collective interest or background.

If you don’t have a collective connection, you can also just leverage any information that the prospect is likely to be sultry about. For example, it’s almost time for March Madness, and most people who went to large universities have good pride in their alma mater. Find out if any of your prospects attended one of the schools in this year’s NCAA Tournament, and open your introductory pitch with a line about the upcoming games.

Three. Audit your LinkedIn appearance

Most people on LinkedIn display profile pages indicating they’re looking for employment. Create a profile instead that cements your expertise. Let contacts identify your online presence as belonging to a thought leader, not a job seeker.

Four. Become part of ongoing Twitter conversations

On Twitter, make sure you’re able to keep up with discussions and react to industry-related posts in real time. Don’t publish tweets solely featuring your own thoughts, either. Have conversations, and retweet regularly. For every tweet you publish, there should be at least three tweets that come from other sources, such as those mentioning or linking to trending articles, good quotes, or interesting statistics. Communicate with prospects and clients, comment on hot topics, or even share some of your sales team’s joy personality with more casual posts.

Five. Don’t limit social selling to prospecting

At its core, social selling certainly helps sales reps identify and pitch fresh leads, but social media channels can influence sales via the entire process. For example, say a contact has embarked to fade or become increasingly less responsive. Retweet them, or comment on one of their LinkedIn posts to get back on their radar. Social media channels suggest another touch point inbetween sales reps and those key decision-makers.

6. Automate social media monitoring in sales, too

It’s a misconception to think that monitoring social media chatter is a function only for marketing departments. Sales reps should always monitor social media rivulets around their contacts to track conversations and engage accordingly. This can be helpful for staying in touch with prospects and staying in the loop on what’s happening in client organizations.

Social selling isn’t a replacement to the traditional sales process; it’s a complement. By leveraging social media channels optimally, sales reps can foster more relationships and close a lot more deals.

9 Superb Reasons Why People Over fifty yrs Have The Best Lovemaking Lives.


Hook-up after fifty is something to look forward to — unless you’re already experiencing it now!

There’s no doubt about it: hookup after fifty rocks! But I wouldn’t expect you to just take my word for it, or my lovemaking advice, so I’ve asked around. Now I can say with certainty, straight from the throats of sexually-fulfilled people over 50, that hook-up after fifty rocks and maybe I can inspire you to embrace the sexual advice of these experts.

They say fifty is the fresh 30. I say no thanks! I wouldn’t want to be thirty again if you paid me. Sure, I had more energy then and I could still eat what I wished without gaining weight. But in my 30s, I was in the middle of a divorce, raising a baby and reinventing a career. Who even remembers what hookup was like then? Life was busy! Pleasure was a good night’s sleep or hiring a babysitter so I could go and observe TV undisturbed at my best friend’s place. So hookup at thirty wasn’t so fine… why does hookup after fifty rock?

#1 Reason Why Hook-up After fifty Rocks: Self-Confidence

At 50, you know yourself better than you ever did before. You have figured out who you are as a human being, what you like in life and from life. You concentrate on the things that are significant to you. That fresh self-confidence equips you to live in the moment and embrace your choices — and those choices include the way you embrace hookup and closeness.

#Two Reason Why Hookup After fifty Rocks: Spontaneity

Georgia just turned fifty and has been married for over twenty five years. She exposes that not having kids around has opened up the spontaneity page in her marriage. She raves about spontaneity: it’s the reason she and her hubby have ramped up their sexual activity. “It lets you be mischievous and insatiable,” says Georgia. “We couples who have been married for so long know that any feeling of playfulness is welcome.”

#Trio Reason Why Hookup After fifty Rocks: No Pressure

Robert is liberated and has discovered that lovemaking after fifty is the most fulfilling he has ever had. “When you’re junior,” he says. “There’s so much emphasis on the physical part of lovemaking and so much pressure to perform, being a man. Now I’ve found out that lasting longer doesn’t necessarily mean liking lovemaking more, for you or your fucking partner. Hook-up after fifty is more about connecting. Even if it’s casual hook-up, the concentrate has shifted from performing to relating.”

#Four Reason Why Hook-up After fifty Rocks: Self-Pleasure

June married youthful and was a cherry. At 50, she and her hubby concluded that their lack of interest in hook-up was just the peak of a much fatter iceberg. At 51, June found herself divorced, with no understanding of lovemaking and shocked by her freedom. Hookup after divorce was a nightmare. So she determined to buy some books on sexual fulfillment and experimented with self pleasure, something she had never contemplated before. Understanding herself and her sexiness opened fresh doors and with this new-found skill about herself, June began experiencing hook-up without guilt and as an expression of both playmates’ enjoyment.

#Five Reason Why Hook-up After fifty Rocks: No Worries

Even tho’ George is in his mid 40s, he is dating an older woman and loves to give sexual advice to junior dudes. He was disappointed that all his relationships ended because he didn’t want to have children, even however he was upfront about this right from the beginning. Even women who said they didn’t want children ended up hearing the ticking of the biological clock. George met an older woman at a social event a few years ago and is still involved with her. The best part of their rockin’ lovemaking life together, says George, is the clarity she brings to the relationship. He believes that when procreation is no longer in the picture for a woman after 50, intimity can take on fresh meaning for adult playmates, leading to an astounding hookup life.

#6 Reason Why Hook-up After fifty Rocks: Spiritual Lovemaking

I had a long discussion with Wade about the meaning of spiritual lovemaking. He said that spiritual hookup means voicing spirituality during hookup and it is this that has made his sexiness after fifty rock. Spiritual lovemaking, says Wade, is an expression of sexiness that you can have only after you understand yourself and your playmate in a profound, almost mystical, way. Being older is a requirement. Spiritual hookup transcends the physical act and may not even involve hook-up at all. It’s a way of connecting and merging souls, practices and deep skill of the other person. It takes two to tango, says Wade, smiling at his own cleverness. Spiritual lovemaking is not for the youthful or the faint of heart. It involves capitulate and trust — undoubtedly for people over 50.

#7 Reason Why Hookup After fifty Rocks: Orgasm

Julia claims that ever since she turned 50, she can reach orgasm, even numerous times, more lightly. These more fulfilling practices are because she has become more selective in choosing her fucking partners. Since creating boundaries around her sexual fucking partners, the trust she places in them has permitted her to loosen and be more present in her figure. “I spend more time getting to know my playmates now,” Julia says. “And have strong boundaries about when it’s time for hookup in a relationship and when it’s not. Before, lovemaking happened in the early stages of getting to know someone. Now, it’s postponed until after I’ve discovered more about my fucking partner’s personality.” Because boundaries in relationships have brought Julia deeper connections, leading to more orgasms, she is undoubtedly endorsing lovemaking after 50.

# eight Reason Why Lovemaking After fifty Rocks: More Time

Dennis’ hook-up life has undoubtedly improved since he turned 50, simply because he has more time. A 58-year-old businessman, he says he has paid his dues working long hours and most weekends. He’s now in the fortunate position of being able to prioritize and can spend more time cultivating hobbies and dating. “Having more time to pursue my interests has made me a more interesting person, including in the dating world and having more time to date has opened up a more pleasant hookup life after 50.” While Dennis makes it clear that he is not willing to sacrifice his fresh found fulfillment in hookup in favour of monogamy, he is willing to proceed to invest time in his self-development.

# nine Reason Why Hook-up After fifty Rocks: Clarity

“Clarity!” screams Megan with excitement even before I have a chance to finish the question. “Clarity has skyrocketed my sexual pleasure! Clarity all around. Mine, his, about who we are, what we want, where we’re going. About why we want certain things. Clarity that life is brief and hookup after fifty is mind-blowing. “The moment I got clarity,” says Megan, “my life transformed and my lovemaking life became a lot more interesting!”

The best part about writing this article was the honesty and authenticity of the people I interviewed. They were willing to share their practices and their hook-up advice so that others could understand why their lovemaking lives had improved. It is refreshing to know that it isn’t just wine that improves with age. Lovemaking after fifty is something to look forward to — unless you’re already experiencing it now!

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