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              “I absolutely love your books. I got my mom hooked. She does her own readings every Sunday. The books are very insightful and helpful. I am going through a rough time right now but knowing what I know from your books and the other research and learning I have been doing is a tremendous help. I do the readings for all my friends and anyone who is interested. Thanks! “

              Robert Lee Camp | Home

              Book of Fate and Love Cards Reporter Five.0 software for PCs

              Both of these software programs are NOW compatible with Windows 7, eight & Ten!

              Now you can use the Book of Fate programs with Windows 7, eight & Ten! With these programs you be able to generate accurately detailed readings and reports for yourself, family members, friends and your clients!

              Do all your readings and create seven different professional reports that you can share with others or sell. You also have the capability to print them out or email them as a .pdf file!

              Book of Fate and Love Cards Reporter Five.0 Software

              Fresh! Online Versions of Our Software that are compatible with all computers!

              Our fresh Book of Fate and Love Cards, Version Four.0 programs are totally Web-based. No compatibility issues, no downloads, no email configuration issues. See all your cards and relationships at a glance, do readings and reports for others. Access your software from any computer! For more information, go here:

              Web Based Fate Software Four.0

              Learn Astrology with Robert Lee Camp!

              Robert trained a year-long astrology training course that was recorded in sessions and is now being suggested online for everyone. You can learn how to read anyone’s natal chart like a professional from this course. You can take as many classes as you like and learn how to read your chart and probe at your own tempo. Just go to the page link below to read all about them and to enroll.

              Learn Astrology with Robert Lee Camp

              Two Newest Book Editions Released

              We are now suggesting fresh, updated versions of Robert’s two main books for learning the Fate Cards system. “Cards of Your Fate” and “Love Cards” are both valuable devices for beginners and advanced students. Each of these fresh versions contain fresh celebrity stories and fresh advanced chapters for enhancing your Skill in the Science of the Cards.

              VIEW HERE

              Newest Edition

              Exploring the Little Book

              of the Seven Thunders

              This fresh one has the subtitle of “Everything You Ever Wished to Know about The Science of the Cards”

              This newest edition is perfect-bound like our other main books and has over forty page of fresh and extra information. And because we had this professionally printed, we can sell this book for $34.95.

              ($25 cheaper than the previous edition.)

              You can be the very first to get a copy of this fresh edition, our most advanced book on the Science of the Cards. Many fresh articles and more advanced information.This is the book that initiates you into the mystical aspects of the Science of the Cards. For years Robert Lee Camp has been promising to write an advanced book that will explain all the advanced technics in detail.

              All our Courses are Online NOW here at

              After months of work and prep, all of our movie courses are now up and available on our fresh site. You can order them here. The main benefits of this fresh system are:

              • Instant Access after purchase – you can embark learning right now! Any course materials are also available instantly as a download upon registration.
              • No compatibility issues – any computer with a web browser can access these courses.
              • Access from wherever you are with no CDs to carry around.
              • Purchase with any major credit card or using Paypal.
              • To see our finish list of courses available, click HERE!

                Share your card practices with others!

                We would like to invite you to share some of your life practices that you also eyed in the cards and how that impacted you. After collecting these, we will publish them here for the benefit of others. Click HERE to post yours. Then share the information on this site with your friends using your dearest social services below.

                Thank You for stopping by and visiting the site! – Robert Lee Camp

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