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The top ten racing games for smartphones


Here are the best car racing apps to play on your phone

CSR Classics (Android, iOS) (Free)

CSR Classics not only gives you the chance to haul race classic cars through urban environments, but also enables you to restore a host of famous cars from automotive history (superbly rendered for the virtual streets). Albeit a free game, it does attempt to tempt you into buying things like gold currency and extra fuel.

Race Team Manager (Android, iOS) (Free)

If you fancy yourself as a Christian Horner or Ross Brawn, this is the game for you. Role-playing the life of an up-and-coming race team manager, you have to manage the car, driver and mechanics, plus strategise on race day from the pit wall.

Asphalt 8: Airborne (Android, iOS) (Free)

An arcade-style racer with stunning graphics, the game lives up to its name with numerous ramps and other elements that encourage players to defy gravity to attempt crazy aerial stunts. It also features a total of fifty six different vehicles and lots of gaming modes.

Real Racing three (Android, iOS) (Free)

Real Racing three permits gamers to drive over one hundred real-world cars on some of the world`s fine race circuits. A well-realised driving practice combines with a broad diversity of modes (time trials, races, etc) and in-app purchases (some of which are fairly pricey) add more cars, features and tracks.

Racing Rivals (Android, iOS) (Free)

Racing Rivals permits you to tune and modify your car, challenge other drivers online and bet on yourself in races. You can choose from a multitude of real-world cars – which you can maximise with al kinds of components, including turbos and nitrous oxide – and lose them if you come off worse in a race.

Need For Speed: Most Desired (Android, iOS) (£Trio.99)

The Need for Speed series is long established (it has even spawned a movie) but it still produces engaging racing act. There are forty of the world’s coolest cars to choose from in order to race (while avoiding the police) in a number of different modes.

Ridge Racer Slipstream (Android, iOS) (£Two.29)

Another arcade-style racer (which actually dates back to 1993), gamers can choose from twelve cars (which can be customized and modified) to slipstream and drift past rivals on up to twenty tracks and over one hundred events. It`s also possible to use Facebook to get extra prizes.

Drift Mania: Street Outlaws (Android, iOS) (£0.79)

The world of drifting comes to the smartphone, so gamers can go sideways through mountain passes, hillside towns, and desert canyons. In common with many of the other games in this list, there are slew of customization options to adapt your car to your preferred driving style.

GT Racing two (Android, iOS) (Free)

With more than seventy one cars for racing on thirteen tracks, GT Racing two has so many options that there are over a thousand different events, which gamers can take on alone or in multiplayer races. There are also good graphics, lots of camera modes and even a screenshot function.

Motorsport Manager (Android, iOS) (£1.99)

Another role-player for motorsport fans that, like Race Team Manager, gives gamers the chance to place themselves right at the heart of the racing world. The racing elements have an almost board game-like feel, but this is a very modern sim that very effectively pulls together all the aspects of running your own team.

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